Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Distinctive Disorder

The patient is a seven-year old girl with a one year history of a linear band of confluent hypopigmented scaly papules. She has Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV.

The clinical diagnosis is Lichen Striatus.

Reference: You can read a good chapter about L.S. on:

Questions: This does not particularly bother the child or her parents. Would you treat this? And if so with what? A topical corticosteroid? Pimecrolimus? Tacrolimus? Other?


  1. Nice photo,rarely see lichen straitus in the face but can put other possibility nevus unius latiris. both two possiblities can treated by topical steroid plus either with topical retinoid or calcipotrien for few weeks.
    firas altamimi

  2. First of all I agree with Ds LS.
    Then if was an adult with LS and location was not in a face then yes I use Calcipotriene with Pinecrolimus or Tacrolimus.In General Calcipotriene should not be used in the face first and second should not be used for children.

    As for our case I think the combination of Pinecrolimus or Tacrolimus with topical steroid or with topical Retinoid should be work ok.

    Interesting case,thanks.


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