Friday, November 16, 2007

Buttock eruptions

This is an 11-month-old girl with a one day history of skin eruptions on the shoulders and gluteal areas. She was otherwise well. no fever. Feeding well. She was referred to me by a pediatrician.

Exam: symmetrical patches of erythematous vesiculopapules on the gluteal areas. Similar lesions were noted on the shoulders and chest. No lesions were noted on the upper limbs. Hep B was not checked.

Is this viral? Gianotti Crosti Syndrome?



  1. Monomorphous pale, pink-to-flesh–colored papules or papulovesicles make me think also about Gianotti Crosti Syndrome. But with only one day history i can't be sure.

  2. Agree with G-C syndrome or viral syndrome and would observe. I think seeing over time is key. In the U.S. most cases are negative for hepatitis serology. This varies from country to country.


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