Friday, March 11, 2005

56 yo woman with erosions for two years

This 56 yo woman has an alomst two year history of intense pruritus. She dates the onset to April 23, 2003 when she was exposed to toxic fumes at work. Since then, she wakes at night excoriating her skin. Other than a mild anemia and eosinophilia, all studies have been unremarkable. She has not worked since April 30, 2003. The is an intelligent person. Divorced, mother of three adult children (one with Turner's Syndrome) she worked in retail and latterly as a security guard. Skin biopsy was not helpful.

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  1. This lady seems to be under tremendous stress.
    Biopsy has been nil contributory.
    Please do remember factitios dermatitis. These women are known to use combs, knives, or other sharp and blunt insruments.
    May I suggest a psychiatric assessment?

  2. This is Pickers Disease.It is a form of self injury in depressed patients or patients with other significant psychiatric morbidity.She needs a psychiatric assessment.
    Mind you why do oral steroids rapidly settle these patients and also PUVA? Perhaps just a concerned doctor taking an interest.


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