Sunday, March 20, 2005

2 yo girl with segmental hypopigmentation

This is a 2 year old girl who has a patch of hypopigmentation on her left shoulder since birth. It extends from back of neck to the left shoulder. It was asymptomatic. Examination showed a hypopigmented macule 5cm by 10cm on the back of left shoulder. It is segmental in distribution and has an irregular border. There was no central hypoaesthesia. She has no ophthalmic or CNS defects.

Clinically she has nevus depigmentosus or some form of pigmentary mosaicism. Biopsy of the lesion was not done.

This is usually a benign skin disorder and is caused by the functional defects of melanocytes and the morphologic abnormalities of melanosomes.


  1. Thanks Brian for your comments.
    As you rightly pointed out the administration of VZIG for this baby is the right thing but was not economically feasible.
    I have a doubt. Should this child receive VZV vaccine at age one? Has not the immunity developed with the infection? Can the vaccination be deferred?

  2. This comment belongs on the previous case: the infant with varicella. I copied it there - David

  3. This ahromic nevus which usaully enlarge as the child get bigger.
    It usaully responds to topical psoralin or 5%iodine tincture similar to vitiligo.


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