Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dermatoscopic Pointillism

The patient is a 45 yo woman who presented with a new lesion on the right malar eminence.  It looked innocuous, perhaps, a lentigo.  The dermatoscopic image revealed a pointillist pattern.  One of our VGRD members, Dr. Phung Huynh described “pointillist nevus” some years ago.  While this is not a nevus, it shows a similar pattern.

A 3 mm punch biopsy was taken to establish what this lesion is and it is being presented for interest since I could find no reference to this phenomenon in PubMed.
For Art's Sake
Pathology: The biopsy shows a focal lichenoid lymphocytic infiltrate, scattered colloid bodies and melanophages consistent with lichen planus-like keratosis (LPLK).

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