Saturday, November 12, 2005

BCC of Eyelid

This is a 75 yo man who came in for an unrelated problem.
This tumor was obvioius, however.
Two years ago, and ENT physician told him he had a "blocked duct."
This 6 mm in diameter lesion looks like a BCC.
I propose to excise it but am worried about pulling down the lower lid.
I don't think C&E or Aldara would be appropriate. Mohs might be overkill.
Do you have any comments? I would, oif course, try to undermine the tissue.

1 comment:

  1. It is a BCC.You can do curretage and cautry.This will give good cosmetic appearance.Otherwise, you can use 2% zinc sulfate sol as intralesional injection which is a new effective therapy which probably might replace surgery especially in small lesion.Also 15% zinc sulfate sol as a topical treatment is for at least one month is good alternative.
    Sharquie KE etal.New intralesional therapy of BCC by 2% sinc sulfate sol. Saudi Medical J.2005:26:359-61


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