Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Localized Hyperkeratosis

39 yo man with > 15 year hx of localized hyperkeratosis of right great toe. No unusual trauma to area. He's used mostly over the counter emollients without much help.

Are you aware of any localized forms of hyperkeratosis?

I have started him on Salex cream.

Pictured below are his affected right and normal left great toes.


  1. Ben Barankin, MDNovember 01, 2005

    Interesting case. I wonder about a psoriasis koebnerization. Would consider a potent topical steroid alternating with a 40% urea product or lactic & salicylic acid combination to thin down. I presume this area is non-pruritic? (LSC)

  2. This is traumatic frictional hyperkeratosis as result of the habit of frequent sitting on his right feet and right toe.This manner of sitting should be stopped.Still psoriasis induced by sitting habit could not be excluded.


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