Monday, January 14, 2019

Subtle Facial Lesion in a Four Year-old Boy

The patient is a four year-old boy who was referred for evaluation of a slightly rough patch on his right cheek that has been present for over a year.  He is otherwise well.

O/E:  There is a subtle 1.5 cm in diameter erythematous patch on his right cheek.  Dermatoscopy revealed a group of sharply demarcated plugs that appear to be comedones.  Clinically, this was not as evident.

Clinical and Dermatological Images:
 Diagnosis:  Small subtle nevus comedonicus.

Discussion:  I feel this is probably a nevus comedonicus.  I’ve only seen a few of these and all were obvious: not so with this case.  Not much is known about the evolution of these lesions.  Topical retinoids are of some value; but since this doesn’t bother the patient I am reluctant to have his mother rub a topical agent on the area for two to three months.  Does anyone feel that tazarotene is preferable to tretinoin in similar cases?  Comedone extraction would be easy, but can be traumatizing in a young child.  Once I hear other ideas I will discuss options with his parents.

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