Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Cobblestone Nevus: A Thing of Beauty

The patient is a 30 year-old woman in the 14th week of her first pregnancy.  Her obstetrician asked her to see a dermatologist regarding a congenital nevus.  She has noticed only slight change in the past decade.

O/E: There is a 3.0 cm bosselated nevus over the right costal margin.  Some of the facets vary in color.

Clinical + Dermatoscopic Images:

Diagnosis: Congenital Nevus with a bosselated (pebbly, cobblestone) appearance.  Does anyone have a comment?  Presented for comments and to share the beautiful dermatoscopic appearance.  Am I missing something?

Plan:  I will reevaluate after she delivers.

1 comment:

  1. from Dr. Ong, Malaysia: I think the long history from young, the uneventful course, may be a tiny bit of enlargement because of pregnancy, the morphology all fit well for a congenital nevus. Beauty is in the eye of beholders, not surprising some of our colleagues find it attractive!


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