Thursday, April 27, 2017

63 y.o. Man with P.R.-like Eruption

The patient is a 63 yo man with a one month history of an asymptomatic eruption on the torso.  He has a history of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma treated successfully four years ago.

O/E:  Healthy-appearing man with Type III skin.  He has .5 to 1 cm in diameter plaques on his torso and proximal extremities.  On his left forehead, he has three follicular papules.

Clinical Images

Comment:  This looks banal; but considering the patient's history biopsy is necessary.  Two representative lesions were sampled with 4-mm trephines.

Pathology: Biopsy showed no atypical features and this most likely  represents Pityriasis rosea in a somewhat immunocompromised man.  Since his lymphoma treatment, his white count is ~ 1800 - 2000 but he feels well otherwise.

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