Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Linear Pruritic Lesions

Dr. Yogesh Jain would appreciate your comments about the following patient:

18 year old man with no significant past medical history, presented with these lesions to the OPD.  He revealed that he has been having such lesions ever since he was 2 years of age. These excoriative lesions are very itchy, but not painful. They extends from the left groin till the medial malleolus in a continous pattern. And also involve the left arm in a similar fashion affecting the palm as well. He is not on any medications.   There are no other systemic positive finding.


  1. Diagnosis: ILVEN
    Biopsy to confirm Diagnosis
    Treatment: Tazarotene 1% gel over areas less infiltrated. Crotherapy sessions/ partial excision over areas more symptomatic. Lesions over covered parts can be managed more conservatively.

  2. comment of Dr Girija

    I saw the pictures of the 18yroldboy-he has condition known as Inflamatory Lenier Veruccous Epidermal Nevous-ILVEN-is an early childhood condition affecting one side of the limb-nothing much can be done-only laser or plastic surgery but it will be temporary-can give some symptomatic treatment.

    Tom Paige's opinion:

    John, I Have never seen lichen striatus this well defined. There is an entity called ILVEN, inflammatory, linear, verrucous, epidermal nevus which tends to affect the left lower and left upper extremity. This may be a better diagnosis for this patient.



    Fascinating that it tends to be left-sided.


  3. from Khalifa Sharquie (Baghdad, Irag):
    This is linear epidermal Nevus which could be treated by CO2 dermabrasion


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