Friday, July 17, 2015

Nevi of Interest

In this post, we will present photos of interesting pigmented tumors.  Please feel free to send us interesting photos with brief captions.

1) 15 y.o. girl with a 6 mm diameter congenital nevus on upper back.  Looks benign to me but has an interesting play of color.

2) 10 y.o. girl with a planaria shaped nevus on the right 4th toe.  Pigment globules likely represent growth.

3) 14 yo girl last seen 10 years ago.  Congenital nevus noted on l. upper back then, 9 mm diameter.  7.28.15 the lesion is 20 mm diameter. It has find terminal hairs.  There are two (?) satellite lesions near to it, the largest being 7 mm diameter.  The new lesion has a peculiar pattern dermatoscopically.  Still, I think it is benign.  I gave them a follow-up for 6 months.

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