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Prurigo Nodularis with Squamous Cell Carcinioma

Abstract: 63 yo man with 10 month history of intense pruritus and excoriated papules and nodules

HPI:   This 63 yo retired radio announcer presents with a 10 month history of intense pruritus and excoriated papules and nodules. He is in reasonable health.  Medications include Welbutrin (bupropion) and occasional prednisone for his itching.  He's tried topical steroids and anti-histamines without relief.  Smokes ~ 5 cigarettes a day.

O/E: Skin thin from actinic damage.  There are excoriated papules and nodules on the torso and extremities.  There are two or three more exophytic lesions.

Clinical Photos:

Lab:  CBC, chemistries normal.  IgE 867 IU/Ml

Pathology:  Initial bx signed out as SCC.  Since he has scores of lesions repeat biopsies of an early and more developed lesion were taken.  Thanks to Dr. Lynne Goldberg (Boston University Skin Path) for the beautiful photomics.
Prurigo Nodularis

Well_differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Diagnosis: Prurigo Nodularis with Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Discussion and Questions:The association of SCC with Prurigo Nodularis has only been reported one time (ref 5).  Yet we do not feel this is a chance association.  There are also some articles about P.n. and KA in the literature.
Has anyone seen a similar case?  He will be treated with gabapentin and followed. A follow-up will be posted in a month or so.  The SCCs will not be re:excised at this time.
Thaldomide has been recommended for P.N. in the literature, however, it is now > $10,000 per month!

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  1. from a Mohs surgeon: great case. had a tangentially related case of a lady who had a scc did mohs on. a few months later the PA who sees her told me she biopsied it and it recurred. she then developed a few more lesions on her legs. i brought her in to see her. she tells me she has oral lichen planus. i had the dermpath re-review the slides and they revised the dx....amazing...

  2. from Hawaii dermatologist: Irritated keratotic lesions occ create histologic confusion vs squamous cell ca, so an overlap of irritated bk/prurigo nodule/KA/sq cell ca sounds plausible


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