Sunday, December 01, 2013

Arcuate and Circinate Facial Eruption

Presented by   Dr. Arnulfo Macadangdang
Cebu City, Philippines

Abstract:  18 year-old student with one week history of facial eruption

HPI:  The patient is an 18 yo man with a one-week history of an eruption on face and neck.  It is mostly asymptomatic.  He is an athlete, takes no medications and has no risky behaviors.  He had an upper respiratory infection around a month before onset. 

O/E:  There are arcuate and circinate lesions on cheeks, neck, and forehead.  Two similar lesions on u upper back. The scale is greasy.  No lymphadenopathy.

Clinical Photos:

Lab:  KOH negative

Diagnosis:  This has some features of seborrheic dermatitis, but it is not typical.  Sebosporiasis was another thought.  Evolving psoriasis?  Relationship to "URI" in October?

Questions:  Does this clinical picture suggest any specific diagnosis?

5 Day F/U photos

The patient was seen 5 days after starting desonide 0.05% cream.  His skin lesions have esolved completely with mild post-inflammatory hypopigmentation.  The three lesions on back (not treated) have persisted. No new lesions.  Our tentative diagnosis is atypical seborrheic dermatitis.  Atypical Pityriasis rosea is also considered.  We do not feel serology for syphilis and HIV are indicated at this point, based on a discussion of risky behaviors.   Will taper desonide over the next two weeks and see patient back in a month as necessary.

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  1. I'm sure this fellow has "petaloid" seborrheic dermatitis, which tends to be seen in Asians and other patients with heavier pigmentation. It is treated like standard seborrheic dermatitis.


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