Sunday, July 01, 2012

Nail Dystrophy in a Nurse

A colleague requested our opinion regarding a woman who contacted him, but has not seen.  Here are her words and photos.
" I am a 61 yo palliative care nurse who has had a nail dystrophy for around 14 months. There is no pain or discomfort. I take no meds by mouth and am in good general health. Every 2 weeks I get a professional manicure and have never had acrylic, gel or silk.  I tried "formaldehyde free" products for a while, as well as Biotin 5000mcg daily and noted no improvement.  As part of my job, I visit patients in their homes and wash my hands before & after each visit. Rarely do I have the need to wear gloves.  Your suggestions will be welcome."

Questions at this time:
1) Are all nails involved (including toe-nails)?
2) Has a dermatologist been consulted and have KOH prep and/or fungal culture been done?

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  1. Ashok Kumar SharmaJuly 06, 2012

    In my opinion the nail dystrophy seen is not due to any fungus or any 'deficiency'. I would emphatically blame her regular manicure for it. I would suggest her to stop any manicure for 6 months and see; I am pretty certain her nails would improve.


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