Friday, September 23, 2011

Painful Brusing in a 29 yo Woman

Presented by Hamish Dunwoodie, MBBS
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Abstract: 29 yo woman with one week history of painful bruising on thighs

HPI: The patient is an otherwise healthy 29 yo woman with a one week history of painful bruises on her thighs. Five years ago she had leucocytoclastic vasculitis of her lower legs and very mild proteinuria. A renal consult felt she probably had mild IgA nephropathy. This has cleared. Her only medication is paroxetine, which she has been on for three months. She denies any trauma. The patient is a single mother of two children (11 and 3 years old) and lives alone with her kids. She was in school recently but is now on disability for "seizures" (although she is on no antiepileptic medications at present). She has been assaulted by a boyfriend in the past, but denies trauma this time.

O/E: There is purpura of the lateral thighs bilaterally. No evidence of LCV any longer. The remainder of the cutaneous examination is unremarkable.

Clinical Photo:

Lab: CBC, Chemistries, Urine Analysis all normal save for trace + rbcs. No proteinuria any longer.

Diagnosis: This is most likely traumatic purpura in a young woman who is reluctant todivulge an accurate history. Gardner Diamond Syndrome (autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome, psychogenic purpura) was considered as well.

Questions: What are your thoughts?

References: (Full Text Online)
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  1. This is most likely ecchymosis. I may do a bleeding and clotting time to exclude coagulation pathology. But it is most likely traumatic in origin. With a history of seizures, could this be related to the seizures? Any eye witness?



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