Monday, January 21, 2008

Eyelid Tumors

Submitted by Arash Abtahian from Shiraz, Iran

24 yo man with three year hx of eyelid lesions
History: This 24 man has come with 3 years hx of multiple translucent papule and nodules on the left upper lid. They are asymptomatic but he'd like them removed.
O/E: revealed multiple translucent papules and nodules some of which showed bluish hue.
Clinical Photo(s):

Lab: N/A
Histopathology: Apocrine Hidrocystoma
Diagnosis or DDx: Apocrine Hidrocystoma
Questions: What is the best treatment?
Reason(s) Presented: Therapeutic suggestions?
References: Apocrine Hidrocystoma eMedicine: " Apocrine hidrocystomas can be incised and drained; however, electrosurgical destruction of the cyst wall often is recommended to prevent recurrence. Punch, scissors, or elliptical excision also can remove tumors. Multiple apocrine hidrocystomas can be treated with carbon dioxide laser vaporization. Multiple apocrine hidrocystomas can also be effectively treated with trichloroacetic acid."


  1. Personally i treat multiple apocrine hidrocystomas with carbon dioxide laser vaporization. I have seen good effect and no reccurent.

  2. Marsupialization of superficial cysts and complete excision of the cyst wall for deeper cysts is the approach. I favor the sharp blade as TCA or CO2 laser may cause scarring. The Ellman surgitron radiofrequency unit is another good option.
    Andrew Danyluk, M.D. Ophthalmologist


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