Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Positive Band Aid Sign

Most of us use the term "Positive Band Aid Sign." Let's call it PBAS
PUBMED has no articles on this entity and Google only had one or two hits.

I've seen three PBASs in the past week. What do you think of them? What lesions would you guess underlie the bandaids.

1. 72 yo woman with one month history of a lesion on upper lip

2. 22 yo woman with 3 month history of lesion on arm

3, 93 yo woman with one month history of lesion on arm


  1. The band aid sign typically refers to one used to cover a pyogenic granuloma because it bleeds so easily. Typically the band aid has been on so long that its outline is easily visible when it is removed for the photograph to be taken. In general this is the feature that differentiates it from band aids used to cover other lesions which may only be applied when going out in public! Weak arguement ,I know! But best I could come up with. Heavens knows what is under the motely collection of pieces of elastoplast shown above!

  2. You raise an interesting phenomenon commonly observed in dermatology clinics.

    My experience is that the covered lesions either bleed (BCC, pyogenic granuloma), or are ugly in appearance (e.g. wart, SCC).



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