Thursday, March 01, 2007

Case from Cambodia

These photos were sent to Dr. Doug Johnson from Cambodia without any information.
It's sad to think that adequate medical care could have likely prevented most of this.
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  1. It is Lepromatous leprosy with deformities. Uncommon to see such late stage disease left untreated/ undiagnosed these days. Scaring present over face is unusual, but could be result of severe ENL reactions. Otherwise one is reminded of Porphyrias as differential diagnosis looking at face first.

  2. This is Lepromatous leprosy with deformities. It is uncommon to see such a late stage disease left untreated/undiagnosed these days. Scarring over face is unusal, however could be as a rseult of severe ENL reactions. Looking at the face first, one is reminded of porphyrias as differential diagnosis.


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