Monday, July 24, 2006

Tale of Two Lesions

I saw these two patients today. Your comments are most welcome. Path reports will be affixed when available.

1) 69 yo man with 1.5 month history of lesion right pinna. The lesion is slowly growing. The patient's son, a family doctor, asked him to make an appointment. This is a subtle lesion that could be a lentigo or a lentigo maligna. Two representative areas were biopsied.

2) A 55 year-old priest whose parishioner noted a lesion on his left arm and asked him to see a doctor about it. He's been aware of this lesion for 3 months. It appears that the darkly pigmented papule began in a lentigo. I favor a diagnosis of melanoma here but this could be a seborrheic keratosis. An excisional biopsy of raised and macular portions was performed and based on pathology I will recommend further therapy.

1 comment:

  1. Regarding the first patient, I think the diagnosis is in favour of solar keratosis while the second patient,lentigo maligna is more probable than seb keratosis

    khalifa sharquie


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