Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eye Lash Alopecia

The patient is an eight year old girl who has had a dermatitis of her eyelid margins off an on for around a year. She gets crusted areas which itch and her mother feels she plucks her eyelashes. On the day of the visit the lids looked quiet, but there was definite loss of some eyelashes. There is some evidence of broken lashes.

Is this eyelash trichotillomania or isolated alopecia areata of the eyelashes? I favor trichotillomania
What is the prognosis for spontaneous recovery?

My plan is to see her if and when the dermatitis is more acute and obtain a culture to see if she has a bacterial blepharitis.


  1. The age, sex and her mother feeling about plugs history go with trichotillomania(hair pulling habit), and the crusts mostly a secondary infection. I favour an eye topical antibiotic ointment to interfer with hair pulling habit, beside a psychological support.

  2. Still there is a picture of dermatitis of the eye lids.There are no broken hair which is characterstic feature of trichotillomania.To conclude the picture is chronic dermatitis with or without secondary infection of eye lids causing hair loss.So treatment will be accordingly and hair will regrow again unless the is scarring.

    khalifa sharquie*

  3. Does anybody know of a cure for alopecia hair disease.


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