Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pellagra in Alcoholics

In Iraq, pellagra is only seen in sporadic cases in patients with alcoholism. I describe here a case of pellagra in 30 year old man who used to drink alcohol one litre a day of a local beverage called ARAK. In addition, his nutrition was poor. He developed a typical rash of pellagra in photosensitive area, some lesions are bullous together with beefy tongue. The rash resolved quickly after vitamin replacement but recurred when he resumed alcohol drinking.

I would like to ask my colleagues
1) how often see pellagra
2) what is the cause?


  1. photos of patient to attached soon

  2. I get to see at least one case every three months.
    Nicotinamide deficiency is the basic cause - be it alcohol-, INH-induced, or secondary to carcinoid syndrome.

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  4. Thank you prof.ksharquie for this very intersting nice case. You drow attention for vitamines deficiency that can present clinicaly in a special way.
    Dermatologists should not miss pellagra , because the disease can reversed and without proper managment the disease may end with death


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