Sunday, April 24, 2005

Asymptomatic Blanching Palmar Eruption

Asymptomatic non blanching eruption Posted by Hello

A 14-year-old, otherwise healthy boy presented with an asymptomatic red blanching eruption on the palms that developed about one week earlier. Soles were not involved. No inciting factor including drugs or illness could be recognized. Rest of the physical examination and routine blood and urine tests were unremarkable. What conditions can give rise to this eruption and how should we work it up ?
Shahbaz A Janjua MD

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  1. A. R. PitoApril 24, 2005

    I would favor a diagnosis on "viral exanthem" if thic child is asympromatic. In that case, observation would be appropriate. Erythema multiforme minor would be another choice. Please give us some follow-up.


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